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Teens And Body Image: What Happens When Motivation Becomes Obsession?

I feel that it is a good thing that many teens would like to be healthier and better looking, however, this can become a bad thing if teens become too obsessed with their body image... Learn more.

JNL On The Go, Episode 1: Find Your Motivation

If you don't believe in yourself then who will? As a mom, a wife, and a very busy modern day multi tasking woman, you need to give yourself the gift of exercise and self respect!

I Struggle With... Time Management, Motivation, and Consistency

Making time and staying motivated for consistent training and eating can be tough! If that sounds familiar, follow these guidelines. They'll help you streamline your fitness process!

Mike O'Hearn's Power Bodybuilding: Motivation

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's - Mike O'Hearn? Better believe it. The force behind Power Bodybuilding is comic-book strong. Just ask his training partners and admirers.

The Back Day Motivation You Didn't Know You Needed

Few lifters can make a two-movement workout feel like must-see TV. But Evan Centopani can. Go deep into this elite bodybuilder's mind before your next training session!

12 Metal Songs To Skyrocket Your Workout Motivation

Crash the weights around and let the roar of metal music drive you with this head-banging playlist.

15 Indie Workout Songs To Jump-Start Your Summer Motivation

Do you like to hit the gym in vintage T-shirts and Converse sneakers? Then this is the playlist for you! Summer is just around the corner, so put away those flannel shirts and show off your gains!

Dan Gastelu's Awesome Muscles Series: Motivation Podcast!

This week, Dan Gastelu speaks on the special topic of motivation. Being the best takes plenty of dedication and effort. Learn how to turn your dreams and goals into reality!

Cook Up A Perfect Batch Of Motivation

Are you struggling to reach your goals, or even just to make it to the gym? Here's a killer recipe for recharging your motivation!

20 Tips For Motivation

Staying motivated is not the easiest thing to do. Learn 20 tips for bodybuilders to stay motivated in the gym.

Mercia Howard Gained The Motivation To Shed 50 Pounds And Begin Competing!

Mercia had completed her personal training qualification, but she didn't feel comfortable teaching fitness to others when she wasn't living the lifestyle herself. Read on to learn how she dropped 50 pounds and stepped on stage for her first competition!

Gym Psychology: The 6 Types Of Motivation

Everyone is motivated a little differently. Learn what type of motivation best suits you and then use that knowledge to attack your awesome fitness goals!

Back To The Barbells: Chady Dunmore's Top 3 Motivation Tips

Struggling to motivate yourself for those early morning or after work workouts? Bikini pro and fitness model Chady Dunmore shares three motivation tips that will get you back on schedule!

The 'O' Show Podcast With Walt & Gina Ostarly: Motivation, Eating Tips, Training Stories, And More!

In this premier episode, Walt and Gina Ostarly discuss motivation, post-contest dieting, eating and nutrition tips, share training stories, and introduce their new podcast!

Part 1: Motivation That Will Take You To The Top!

There are many things that can produce great stress in our lives, but with motivation we can overcome anything.

Start Strong: 9 Beginner Motivation Tips!

Before you make a fitness resolution, you need to make changes in your head and heart. Don't become a failure statistic. Use these nine tips to crush your New Year's resolution!

Maintaining A Balanced Focus With Long-term Motivation!

Bodybuilding is a brutal sport, and I don't just mean physically. The mental aspect of this sport is very real and tough. I want to share with you my own personal struggles and how I have overcome those issues. Get some motivation right here!

Gym Mojo -- 4 Crucial Steps To Finding Your Inner Motivation

Learn how to see the inner drive, willpower, determination, inspiration, and motivation needed to transform.

Skip La Cour's Transformation Podcast: Motivation Survival For Training!

It's easy to get into the gym and have productive workouts when things are going well. But how do you get yourself to keep going when you aren't motivated? That's a real challenge. Find out how right here.

Video Motivation.

Long-term commitment to creating a new you in the upcoming year requires a lifestyle change where the popular notion of instant gratification is left behind forever for the much greater reward of health, wellness and longevity...

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