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Your Healthy Five-Course Easter Brunch Menu

Set the table and bring out the fine china. It's time to invite everyone over for a healthy holiday feast!

3 Main Courses You Can Make With Quinoa

Don't let quinoa remain a sorry side dish at family get-togethers. Instead, make it the main attraction at your next meal!

11 Great Obstacle Course Races: Choose The Best Race For You!

Not all obstacle races are created equal; you might need to know what you’re getting yourself into before you sign up. Do some research and check out these top 11 races.

Developing The Chest: A Course In Hypertrophy!

The chest is perhaps the most widely sought after aspect of the human physique. It is the part that even the skinny-legged guys on the beach stick out. So why do so few people have a good one? Simple; they don't know how to work it properly. In this

Crash Course 12-Week Contest Prep!

Preparing for a bodybuilding competition is perhaps the most difficult task a bodybuilder will undertake. The 12 or 13 week

Are You Ready For Game Day? Pre-Obstacle-Course Prep!

Find out everything about preparing for your obstacle course contest. Be ready and win!

Your Complete Shoulder-Training Crash Course!

Not sure where to start when it comes to building bigger, stronger shoulders? Follow these 10 step-by-step lessons for a straight-A delt workout!

Bodybuilding.com's Foundations of Fitness Nutrition Course

Before you change anything in your diet, watch this video series! Build the knowledge base you need to achieve any athletic or physique goal.

Make Eating Out Fun - Not An Assault Course!

What foods should I choose when eating out socially? Learn the importance of making food choices when you are ready and not because someone else told you what you should do. Learn more...

Calorie Crash Course: 5 Ways You Can Avoid Racking Up The Calories

Looking for a more efficient diet plan? Limit your margin of error by avoiding these common mistakes.

6 Resolution Recovery Tactics: Stay The Course!

If your New Year's resolution is in danger of crashing into bits, read this! These six tips will help you find your way back to safe waters and on your way toward reaching your goals.

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

This diet did not originate with me of course. However, because of the massive impact it had on my results, I feel compelled to share it. Learn more right here and give it a try.

Lift As Strong As You Look

Everyone wants massive density and perfect definition—and, of course, to maintain incredible strength. Learn the secrets to having it all from a world record-holding powerlifter.

Calum von Moger's Shoulder Finisher

This Australian fitness icon already looks like he's carrying Ayer's Rock on each shoulder. But of course, he wants to get even bigger. Here's how he does it.

7 Ways You're A Serious Workout Injury Waiting to Happen

Tired of feeling like your training is just the stuff that happens between injuries? You can change course, and it doesn't have to involve spending hours on a foam roller. Here's how to save yourself from yourself!

Kate Cut Her Body Fat From 25% To 10%—And You Can Too!

Kate grew up around fitness, but veered off course during her college years. After a wake-up call, she rethought her approach, committed to change, and slashed 15 percent body fat in two years.

The Bodybuilder's Guide To Shopping Sales

Want to eat center-cut pork chops and steak every day? Of course you do—but it's not cheap. Here's how one up-and-coming bodybuilder got big on a budget!


This classic bodyweight press can be the main course or a side dish on chest day. Either way, it's got plenty to offer, no matter how many you can do!

Kris Gethin: Man Of Iron, Week 22

Kris dives in with some experienced triathletes for his most difficult ride to date—after training legs, of course. He then creates his own personal meditation retreat in the mountains.

PB Crunch Popcorn Recipe for a Healthy Snack

How do you make a healthy snack like popcorn even better? By adding peanut butter and protein, of course! This quick, easy recipe adds an extra pop of flavor to your favorite popped treat.

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