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3 Low-Carb Desserts To Tempt Your Taste Buds

After-dinner specials that your fitness and stomach can't refuse!

7 Healthy-licious Dessert Recipes

You don't have to skip dessert to keep your diet on track! Make the most of your macros and indulge smart with these sweet recipes.

5 Protein-Packed Desserts

Add a healthy twist to even the most decadent desserts with these protein-rich recipes.

5 Ridiculously Delicious Protein Desserts!

Hey, you with the store-bought brownies! Ditch those fat- and sugar-loaded sweets. Have your desserts and support your gains with these 5 healthy twists on classic treats!

How To Have A Fit Vacation And Dessert, Too

Dieting and vacation are two words that don't often go together. But if you master these 4 simple behaviors, you'll maximize your fun while keeping your nutrition on track!

3 Must-Try Holiday Desserts

'Tis the season to indulge in guilt-free desserts. Here are three that are likely to make it into your rotation year-round!

Guilt-Free Pumpkin Desserts: No-Bake Protein Treats

Craving fall-flavored pumpkin goodness on the go? Try these easy, delicious, no-bake recipes!

Editors' Picks for March, Including a Vegan Protein That Tastes like Dessert

Your mind has been ready for spring for weeks. Make sure your body is too with our top picks for training and motivation.

4 Physique-Friendly Dessert Recipes

Dessert doesn't have to ruin your physique and throw off your macros. These delectable Pro JYM recipes deliver amazing taste, minus the guilt.

Healthy Dessert Recipes

Ditch the idea that healthy dessert recipes have to be sugar-free and nasty. Let the Bodybuilding.com Healthy Recipe Database awaken your taste buds to some lip-smacking, yummy desserts and treats that will help you stay lean and healthy.

10 Best-Tasting Dessert-Flavored Protein Powders!

Got a sweet tooth? These 10 ridiculously delicious dessert-flavored proteins will please your taste buds and power your muscle-growth goals!

5 Healthy Weight Loss Protein Dessert Recipes

After you see these 5 weight-loss friendly whey protein desserts, you might need extra napkins to wipe the drool off your keyboard. Enjoy!

4 Healthy, Dessert Recipes To Outsmart Your Sweet Tooth

Creative twists on common recipes maintain taste values, while dramatically boosting health quotients.

Bill Phillips Back To Fit Recipes: Berry Dessert Crepes

Try these homemade crepes, with fresh berries and raspberry yogurt filling!

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Recipes: Pumpkin Protein Bars

Jamie Eason sets out to prove that pumpkin desserts can be delicious and nutritious—both peacefully coexisting in one pumpkin protein bar.

4 Late-Night Protein Treats To Pair With Milk

Late-night cravings threatening to ruin your otherwise clean day? Next time the munchies hit, reach for one of these protein-rich desserts.

5 Protein-Rich Sweet Treats

Striving for that summer body doesn't have to mean skipping out on sweets. Cheat clean with these delicious desserts.

Healthy Recipes: 4 Gourmet Whey Protein Truffles

Take your whey protein beyond shakes and oats. Protein powder truffle balls are delicious and easy! From raspberry to peanut butter and beyond, these whey protein desserts have your number.

Healthy Recipes: 8 Delicious Protein Pumpkin Recipes!

Nothing says fall like the sweet taste of pumpkin. Add the seasonal treat to your meal plan with these dessert recipes that are sure to take any meal to the nines!

3 Protein Foods For Fall

Craving a fall treat? Whip up one of these rich, seasonal, macro-friendly desserts!

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