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Creatine Dosage Calculator for Men and Women

Determine the proper creatine monohydrate dosage for beginners and advanced lifters and athletes!

A Car Crash Motivated A 400-Pound Man To Transform His Body

Jordan Grahm lost so much weight that he needed surgery to remove all the excess skin. Check out his remarkable tale of triumph.

Arm Workouts For Men For Bigger, Stronger Biceps

Not all arm workouts for men are created equal. Here are 5 biceps workouts that can build size or get you ripped if you train the right exercises with the correct reps.

The Strongest Man in the World Gets Vulnerable

Having won two world titles and spent 15 years in the Army infantry, Strongman Anthony Fuhrman can confidently say the strongest thing he's ever done is talk about his mental health.

7 Killer Leg Workouts For Men at the Gym

The best leg workouts for men match their goals with the leg exercises that are going to suck but grow your legs for bigger quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

Olympia Men's Pre-Judging

All eyes are on the world's top bodybuilders as they take the stage to see who nailed their prep and who missed the chance to own the Olympia stage.

Shoulder Workouts for Men: Delt Exercises for Growth

Bigger Shoulders mean fully developed deltoids for a complete shoulder so we've compiled the 7 best routines for bigger delts in your shoulder workouts.

The 13 Best Chest Exercises For Men

Pump up your pecs in no time with these muscle-building moves.

2021 Olympia Predictions: Men's Divisions

Forecasting the Olympia used to be as challenging as guessing the temperature in Las Vegas in July. But with three new champions in as many years, 2021's competition is as close as it gets!

The 14 Best Biceps Exercises For Men

Drawing on cables, dumbbells, barbells, bands, and a suspension trainer, this list of 14 biceps exercises spells doom for your shirtsleeves.

Steve Cook's Big Man On Campus 12-Week College Trainer

Get ready for the best class of your life. Steve Cook will teach you to lift, eat, supplement, succeed and grow. Learn the muscle-building basics; become the Big Man on Campus.

Olympia 2021 Men's Finals

Can detail beat size? The comparisons are close, but we might just have a new Olympia champion!

How Deadlifting in the Wilderness Grounded One Man's Anxiety

Self-taught powerlifter Clay Cooper took an unusual approach to coping with anxiety, changing the way he approached the deadlift and starting a powerful new movement in the process.

4 Alpha Male Meals To Build Your Body

Looking to eat like a true alpha male? Return to your caveman roots and feed your muscles with these carnivorous wild-game recipes.

Jesse Shand: The Incredible Shrinking Man

Human compassion and technology come together in a truly inspiring transformation story. This legendary Bodybuilding.com forum member lost 350 pounds with the help and encouragement of strangers.

Men's Physique Competitions: How to Choose the Right Division

Start your competitive bodybuilding journey by learning more about each division in the men's categories and understanding exactly what it takes to step onstage!

6 Reasons Men Should Do Yoga

Don't be afraid to be that guy in the yoga class. It just might be the best decision you ever made for your muscles and overall athletic development!

8 Dieting Tips For Your First Men's Physique Competition

Follow this detailed pre-contest guide to clean up your diet and make sure you're in peak form on show day.

The Total-Body Dumbbell Fix: Man-Maker Mayhem

This rapid-fire follow-along video workout is a great way to learn a top-notch movement, giving all types of lifters a chance to test their strength and fitness at the end of a grueling total-body workout.

The Guy's Guide To Great Glutes

Women aren't the only ones who want better backside curvature. So we interviewed an expert, Bret Contreras, for his take on building your glutes...er, legs.

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