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Supplement Company of the Month: MuscleTech

Few sports-nutrition companies have rivaled MuscleTech over the past two decades. Here's how this powerhouse continues to deliver science-based, innovative product offerings that lead the industry.

MuscleTech Road To The Olympia Series 2010: Phil Heath's Shoulder Workout

Bodybuilding.com and Muscletech are on the Road To The Olympia, with Phil Heath.

Muscletech Rise And Grind: Nutrition and Supplementation

In this program, how you fuel matters as much as how you train. Prioritize quality over counting numbers, and you can get elite results while actually looking forward to your meals!

MuscleTech Athlete Marc Megna’s 5 Tips To Succeed At Everything

When Marc Megna’s ‘friends’ told him a pro career was impossible, it drove him to outwork his peers and become a worldclass athlete.

Bodybuilding.com Supplement Company Of The Month: MuscleTech

If MuscleTech supplements work for Phil Heath and Branch Warren, we won't argue with them. See what keeps these industry leaders on top of the game!

MuscleTech Road To The Olympia Series 2010: Branch Warren's Chest Workout

Branch Warren's Chest Workout is nothing to trifle with! Try it if you dare.

2011 Olympia Webcast Fan's Choice Award Sponsored By MuscleTech!

Vote now for your chance to help pick the winner of the 2011 Olympia Webcast Fan's Choice Award, sponsored by MuscleTech!

Muscletech Rise And Grind: Program Overview

Devote the next six weeks of your life to building better habits, a better body, and a better you. No matter your background or experience level, you can do this. Let two elite athletes guide you to a stronger life!

Fat Loss Product Review: MuscleTech Hydroxycut!

Get invaluable information about the fat loss product MuscleTech Hydroxycut. Learn what this product is and how it has worked from the following description and reviews. Firm up fast now!

5 Quick Tips For Packing On Size

Here's what MuscleTech-sponsored athlete Lawrence Ballenger would tell his 15-year-old skinny self about getting huge in a hurry.

We Ask The Pros: What One Move Did The Most To Build Your Abs?

There are a ton of ab moves from which to choose, but which ones can take you from a measly two-pack to a six-pack? We posed that question to several of MuscleTech's elite athletes.

3 Supersets Guaranteed To Crank Up Your Arm Workouts

Train your biceps and triceps with these incredibly effective and efficient supersets, courtesy of MuscleTech-sponsored athlete Abel Albonetti.

Lawrence Ballenger's Big, Fun Arm Blast

Ever wondered how MuscleTech-sponsored athlete Lawrence Ballenger gets his tape measure-stretching biceps and triceps? Read this workout and weep.

NFL Combine Trainer: Supplementation

Proper supplementation and a pristine diet make perfect fuel for the high-performance athlete. Ingest MuscleTech's best to trounce the rest.

We Ask The Pros: What's Your All-Time Favorite Workout?

Elite bodybuilders have amazing physiques, and they're the product of countless balls-to-the-wall workouts. But which ones were their best workouts? We posed that question to several MuscleTech-sponsored athletes!

Logan Franklin's Joint-Friendly Chest Workout

You can't grow your pecs if your shoulders are screaming in pain. That's why MuscleTech-sponsored athlete Logan Franklin attacks his pecs, not his joints.

Abel Albonetti's Total-Shoulder-Builder Workout

MuscleTech athlete Abel Albonetti leaves no high-intensity technique unused in this 10-exercise shoulder gauntlet.

Fixing Your 5 Biggest Biceps Blunders

MuscleTech's Dylan Thomas helps you set your biceps growth on fire with these 5 troubleshooting tips, plus a workout and stack.

How to Build Biceps Peaks Of Perfection

Do you want the biggest arms or the best? Build arms that look amazing using MuscleTech-sponsored athlete Fabian Petrina's twice-a-week biceps sculpting plan.

Abel Albonetti's Meanest Chest Workout Yet

MuscleTech-sponsored athlete Abel Albonetti runs you through his meanest chest workout yet to help you build size and mass in your upper chest.

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