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Ask the Supplement Expert: Is Native Whey Legit?

What does native whey or undenatured whey protein mean, and is this better than other kinds of whey protein isolate? Supplement expert Chris Lockwood sets the record straight.

Is Dairy Bad For Your Health?

The rumor mill is always buzzing with claims about dairy products. Get your facts straight and learn what the research says.

World-Class Mass On $10 A Day

Antoine Vaillant's physique is earning fans worldwide, but how he built it is no secret: Beef, rice, tuna, and lots of it! Eat like him and grow like this Canadian beast for just dollars a day.

40 High-Fiber Foods You Must Try

Win the battle of the bulge and boost your health by including the 40 best high-fiber foods. Here's what to add to your cart at the supermarket.

Meet Your 2017 Bodybuilding.com Spokesmodels!

After months of voting and competition, we've got your winners. Meet the 2017 Bodybuilding.com Spokesmodel Search winners, and read their inspiring stories!

4 Reasons Your Body Needs Hydrolyzed Protein

Protein hydrolysates, or hydrolyzed proteins, have been around for a while, but some lifters have questioned their efficacy. Here's what the science says, and 4 situations where hydrolysates can help you!

Supplement Company of the Month: Ascent

The best protein starts with the best ingredients and the right processes. Ascent worked hard and long to get just the right combination of the two, and you get the benefit of all that hard work.

Plant Power: 3 Athletes Who Are Owning The Vegan Lifestyle

Meet three plant-powered athletes who are crushing the stereotype that vegans can't build muscle!

The Whey It Is: The Truth About Whey Protein!

I hope this article finally clears up the major confusion. Whey is great stuff for many reasons, but you won't add mounds of muscle in ultra short time from the simple addition of whey to your diet.

What Is The Best Detox Plan?

What is the best detox plan? Our forum members share their thoughts on stopping the increase of toxins in the body. Learn more about what to expect while detoxing, best products, items, foods, and more...

Destroy Your Love Handles To Reveal Killer Abs!

You've been in the gym for months but you still can't get ripped abs? Find out what may be holding you back and how to fight it!

8 Workouts From BodySpace's Best

BodySpace is home to an incredible array of athletes, fitness models, and ripped weekend warriors. Here are 8 workouts from some of BodySpace's most popular users!

The Wonders Of Herbs: Which Herbal Supplements Should You Be Taking?

Herbal plants are spread throughout the supplement industry. You are probably taking herbs and don't realize it! Find out what the best herbal supplements are for your specific health and fitness goal below!

Body Transformation: Architect Elizabeth Berres Takes Home The BSN Elite Physique Transformation Challenge!

A food sensitivity test showed Elizabeth Berres that her tipping point was near. With the test results and motivation from her boyfriend, she set goals that put her in an upper fitness echelon.

An Interview With Martial Arts Expert Julien Greaux.

Julien would like to discredit the perception that the martial arts serve as a breeding ground for violent thugs. Learn more about Julien in this great interview and how he is promoting MMA training.

Kiyoshi 'The Samurai' Moody: Bodybuilding’s Natural Warrior

Confronted with pain, death and suicidal thoughts, “The Samurai” consolidated his pressures and converted them to bodybuilding energy.

Body Transformation: Nurse Christian Talactac Wins The 2011 MusclePharm Live Shredded Transformation Challenge!

Nurse Christian Talactac doesn’t just care for patients, but nurtures an inspiring body that has won the 2011 MusclePharm Live Shredded Transformation Challenge.

Pro Combo: Supplement Stacks From 7 Top Performers - Mix And Match!

No matter your physique goals, Team Bodybuilding.com members offer their best supplement-combining suggestions.

Fight Like A Beast: Joseph Valtellini's Workout And Fitness Tips

Professional Muay Thai kickboxer Joseph Valtellini will kick your body into fighting shape before you can scream ''KO.''

The Perfect Protein: What To Look For In A Protein!

Protein... the truth is revealed. Below we present a question and answer session on protein powders. Our objective is to give you the knowledge and tools to choose the best protein product available.

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