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NFL Combine Trainer: 40-Yard Dash For Pure Athleticism

Many athletes think they are fast, but are they NFL fast? The 40-yard dash measures pure athleticism. Fractions of seconds separate first-round talent from the undrafted.

The 10 Bodypart Target Training Series: Pack On Slabs Of Pure Muscle To Your Chest!

Do you want a massive and defined chest? This target program is designed to increase muscle mass, development and balance from top to bottom, inside and out. Find out more below!

Body Transformation: Vinnie Duong Cut Down To Pure Muscle!

Fat stood no chance against Vinnie's all-out mentality to get shredded. Check out the tactics he used to eviscerate 19 percent body fat and reveal chiseled muscle!

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Proper Guidance Stimulated Pure Growth!

Before his grandfather died of cancer, Roman made a deal with him. He promised to never quit exercising and live a long life full of muscle and health to share with the world!

Teen Transformation Of The Week - Clayton Ruiz Packed On 50 Pounds Of Pure Mass!

Growing up, Clayton was always considered the skinny kid. Finally, he decided that enough was enough and he put his focus on gaining some muscle. Read on to learn how he packed on 50 pounds of solid mass right here!

8 Ways To Squat More At Your Next Workout

Whether you're out to add muscle or gain pure strength, IFBB Pro Santi Aragon has some good advice on how to get, and grow, the perfect squat.

NFL Combine Trainer: Broad Jump For Major Lift

Vertical jump is important, but it doesn't express true power potential in the eyes of NFL scouts. Make them salivate over your broad jump and pure athletic power.

Work Hard, Work Smart: Strength And Size In 3 Workouts!

Hard work can leave you in a heap. Work hard and smart and convert your animalistic rage into pure strength and muscle. These brutal workouts will push you to the limit and move you closer to reaching your potential!

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Teen Brawn Built With Iron!

Brian didn't side-step his goals or make excuses in the gym. He stepped into a new body with pure hard work and focus. See how you can implement his routines into your plan!

HRT: Animal Hellraiser Trainer - Training Overview

Yep, the next 12 weeks of your training life will be pure H-E-L-L. But you'll build more muscle than ever before!

The Dangers Of Dumbbell Flyes!

This might be a bit of a shock to many of you, but one of the most common exercises you see in the gym when it comes to chest training—the dumbbell flye—is pure death to you!

Blast The Basics: A Savage Workout With Jason ''Huge'' Huh

You can get a killer workout anywhere if you bring a pure joy for heavy lifting and a good pump. IFBB Pro Jason ''Huge'' Huh found his primitive piece of heaven on a beach in Rio and improvised the workout of a lifetime!

Body Transformation: Coming To A Stage Near You!

Jessica gained 50 pounds during her third pregnancy. Demoralized mentally and physically, she needed a plan. See how family support and pure dedication got her stage ready!

Body Transformation: Star Transformer

The fitness world didn’t know Barbara Baez before, but they do now. This Puerto Rican beauty created a new body and transformed her entire life out of pure willpower!

Military Bodybuilder Of The Month: Anthony Waite

Military members transfer easily from battle to bodybuilding, because both require pure adherence to the goal at hand. See how Anthony balances both!

60-40-20: Get A Killer Pump With Rest-Pause!

Looking for a technique to finish any workout with a bang? Look no further. It's called 60-40-20, and it adds up to 120 seconds of pure hell followed by a massive pump and epic growth.

Uncovering The Truth About Abs!

Well-defined abdominal muscles, whether achieved through pure dedication, superior genetics, or both, are as coveted as they are elusive. The following are approaches that I've tried through trial and error to reveal the elusive six-pack. Try them out!

Teen Amateur Of The Week - George Fotopoulos!

George loves being in control of his body and seeing it respond to what he wants it to respond to. He loves the healthy muscular image, looking so pure and attractive to the average person's eye.

Teen Transformation Of The Week - Chris Clements Packed On 35 Pounds Of Muscle!

Chris was tired of being referred to as the 'skinny kid.' so he spent some time doing his research and decided it was finally time for a change. Read on to learn how he packed on 35 pounds of pure muscle right here!

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