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Healthy Recipes: Quick And Easy Summer Picnic Guide

Trade the dining room table for the picnic blanket with these healthy summertime recipes!

Protein Fluff: 3 Quick And Easy Recipes!

Protein fluff: Once you try it, you can't stop making it. Your taste buds will like it as much as your muscles will!

Go Pro: 10 Delicious Protein Recipes

Rev up your fit recipe repertoire with these quick and easy protein meals from the athletes of CytoSport. Each recipe is simple, delicious, and packs a protein wallop!

Kendall's Kitchen: Thai Turkey Satay Skewers

This quick and easy turkey satay recipe is the perfect addition to your healthy meal plan. It's tickle-your-taste-buds yummy and packed with clean protein!

6 Stretches You Can Do At Your Desk

Don't let sitting at work make your body stiff and sore! Use these quick and easy stretches to increase your range of motion, prevent injury, and help you feel more energized and focused.

4 Quick, Delicious Shake Recipes To Power Up Your Day!

Whether you're looking to add more nutrients to your basic protein shake, or mix new flavors into your same old smoothie routine, we've got quick and easy recipes you'll love!

5 Healthy Snacks For Kids!

These quick and easy recipes will provide your kids with good nutrition and give them a chance to develop basic, knife-free kitchen skills.

Cinna Cocoa Protein Bites

Searching for the perfect tasty snack for your fast-paced lifestyle? These quick and easy protein bites are a healthy on-the-go treat to fuel your favorite activities and keep your calories in check.

Naked Egg Breakfast Burrito

Guilty of swinging by that same old McDrive-Thru to grab a gains-destroying snack on the go? Start your morning off right with this quick and easy high-protein breakfast!

Chocolate Protein Donuts

This quick and easy protein donut recipe is everything you need to turn your favorite cheat into a healthy treat!

Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

If you're tired of sacrificing your sweet tooth, here's a quick and easy recipe to help you have your cheesecake—and eat it, too!

20 Tips For A Bikini Ready Body.

Below are 20 quick and easy tips you can use to make sure you are looking your best when you hit the beach.

Healthy Recipes: Natalie Hodson's 30-Minute Spaghetti

Natalie Hodson's flavorful spaghetti sauce is way better (and healthier!) than anything store-bought. It's quick and easy, to boot.

Healthy Recipes: Natalie Hodson's Lime And Curry Tilapia

This tilapia recipe is quick and easy, but also bold and flavorful. You can even try it with chicken or other fish!

Healthy Recipes: Natalie Hodson's 7 Delicious LiveFit Recipes

Delicious and nutritious meals are easier than you think! Hit your goals and your taste buds with Natalie Hodson's healthy, LiveFit-approved recipes.

8 Ways To Prepare Chicken: Never Be Bored Again

If you want an eye-popping physique, you're going to be eating this food a lot. Here's how to get the most great-tasting cluck for your buck.

Diesel On A Dime: 4 Perfect Bodybuilding Recipes

Get ready for 4 perfect diesel recipes that won't break the bank! Please wipe the drool off your keyboard. It's time to shop, cook, and grow!

JNL On The Go, Episode 2: Fuel Up For Success

Actually, to look like a super fitness model or enjoy the health benefits of looking like one, you've got to spoil your taste buds and bodies with nutrient-rich, super healthy foods.

Build Gorgeous Glutes With Ashley Hoffmann

Flat butts are out, and muscular curves are in! Put some bump in that pencil skirt with Ashley Hoffmann's bootylicious tips and workout.

I Struggle With... Preparing Meals and Healthy Recipes

Eating the right foods, making nutritious recipes, and managing your time in the kitchen doesn't have to be a struggle. Follow this simple guide to make healthy eating easy!

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