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Julian Smith's Signature Moves For Legs

A perfect balance of lower-body size and definition like Julian Smith's doesn't happen by accident. Here are the unique techniques this rising fitness star uses to build his signature body part!

8 Signature Exercises From Past And Present Bodybuilding Pros

Some of what we now consider the most common exercises often came to be thanks to the innovative ideas of the pros. Use these exercises made famous by Arnold, Ronnie, Lee, and their fellow champs to crush new gains!

Supplement Company Of The Month: Signature

Find out exactly why and how Bodybuilding.com launched its latest sports nutrition line. Plus, see what new products are in store for 2018.

Signature Birthday Recipes

It's our birthday and we're celebrating by sharing our favorite birthday recipes featuring our very own Signature birthday cake-flavored whey protein powder and protein bars!

Signature Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

Whether you're looking for something high protein, gluten free, or low carb, this chocolate chip cookie recipe has you covered!

Healthy Treats for a Signature Summer

June marks the end of spring and beginning of summer, and what better way to celebrate dads, donuts, and warmer weather than with a fresh batch of healthy and delicious Signature recipes.

Signature Moment with Myree Bowden

The slam dunk is part physicality, part science, and part improv. Here's what goes through Team Bodybuilding.com athlete Myree Bowden's mind when it's time to defy gravity and kiss the sky.

Signature Recipes to Start Your Summer Right!

Summer is almost here, and we've got a brand-new batch of healthy and refreshing recipes to keep you cool in the heat and keep your sweet tooth at bay while you work on refining those summer abs.

Julian Smith's Signature Shoulder Blast

Don't let your shoulder muscles get in a rut by doing the same exercises all the time. Julian Smith has some great new ways to make the same old workout more interesting and productive.

Signature Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Cupcakes

What could be better than delicious chocolate cupcakes with a gooey peanut butter center? A healthy protein version you can enjoy without sabotaging your goals!

Julian Smith's 5 Signature Moves for a Crowded Gym

By learning these five variations on exercise mainstays, you'll stimulate your muscles in new ways and have more choices when there's lots of competition for equipment.

Taylor Chamberlain's Signature Moves For Glutes

Grow and shape your booty like an IFBB Bikini Pro! Chamberlain shares her tips and tricks for strengthening this powerful muscle group and improving your pre-stage prep.

Bill Grant's Old-School Bodybuilding Series: Leg Workout

Once again, bodybuilding legend Bill Grant is showing his stuff. In this article, we have video of Bill Grant as he completes his signature leg workout.

Cool Treats and Shareable Snacks for Summer

From patriotic popsicles to healthy golden shakes, there's something for everyone in these sizzling summer recipes. Made with all-natural ingredients and an arsenal of superfoods, these Signature recipes help you keep your fit body rocking all summer long!

5 Tips to Get Your Best Chest Ever

Building perfect pecs takes way more than a big bench! Here's how to squeeze every ounce of growth out of this signature body part.

4 Workouts That Are Insanely Effective At Building Shoulders

Want better shoulders? Signature team athletes Tanner Hobbs, Meg Squats, Rodney Razor, and Brian Casad reveal their favorite delt-building workout.

5 Workouts That Are Insanely Efficient At Torching Fat

Trying to drop body fat? Signature team athletes Julian Smith and Taylor Chamberlain share five quick, fat-blasting training routines to help you get lean in no time!

Muscle Gain Q&A: Crucial Questions About Packing On Size

Want to put on muscle and create your own perfectly chiseled physique? Signature-sponsored athletes Julian Smith and Taylor Chamberlain answer some of your most pressing questions about gaining that mighty muscle.

Olympic Lifter Quiana Welch: Breaking Records And Bending Iron

Welch, a Signature-sponsored athlete, overcame a hardscrabble upbringing to become an elite Olympic lifter.

Powerful Pecs: Fred Biggie Smalls Chest Workout

Every bodybuilder has a signature body part. Fred Smalls gives us the secrets to how he built his famous chest. Try his ''Biggie Chest'' workout!

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