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Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer - Your 12-Week Transformation Plan!

As a fitness professional and Bodybuilding.com spokesmodel, I'm often asked how I get in shape. The answer? My very own LiveFit fitness plan, which will help you lose weight, build shapely muscle, and get fit for life!

Transformation Of The Week—How Much Have You Changed?

Have you made a dramatic change either by gaining muscle of by losing fat? If so, send in your pics, stats, and what got you started and you could be next month's winner!

Body Transformation: Julie Conquered 16 Weeks Of Boot Camp

After her husband made the choice to live a fitter lifestyle he challenged Julie to a 16-week couples' boot camp. Julie accepted the challenge!

Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week: Grand Prize Transformation

Halid had a vision of his future self when the $100K Transformation Challenge started. That image burned into his brain so deep that he surpassed it without realizing!

Transformation Of The Week - Josh Hopkins.

In the beginning I got started because I was not happy with the way I looked or felt. The more I learned about dieting and training the more I loved it. See how I managed to change my life and how I now maintain it.

Female Transformation Of The Week - Julia!

After being diagnosed with anorexia and almost losing her life to the disease, she found hope in the fact that she was given a second chance at life. Read on to learn how she became determined to beat her condition and put on 40 pounds right here!

Transformation Of The Week - Vince DelMonte.

My nickname was 'Skinny Vinny' all through high school and even when I went to University where I thought I escaped the embarrassing name ... a roommate brought the name back to life. Learn how I went from 150-pound kinny, to a robust 190 pounds.

Male Transformation Of The Week - Alberto Nunez.

Alberto took up cross country running, lost a lot muscle, and was not happy. From this time he has been on a roller coaster ride of weight changes. A bulking cycle is where the story starts. Learn how he went from 250 pounds to 198 healthy pounds.

Female Transformation Of The Week - Tiffany Forni!

After watching her mom and sister complete a fitness camp, Tiffany decided it was her turn to get in shape. So with the help of her coach, she was able to drop 93 pounds and begin competing! Read on to learn how she did it.

Over 40 Transformation Of The Week - Melanie Spencer

Melanie Spencer, 49-years-old, did not let age deter her from losing 49 pounds by her 50th birthday in 8 months. With determination she went from 165 pounds to 116 pounds and her waistline shrunk from 38-to-27 inches! Learn how she did it right here ...

Male Transformation Of The Week - Phil Thompson!

With his family's history of health problems, Phil knew he needed to become a positive role model for his children. So, with a goal in sight, he started on his fitness journey. Read on to learn how he shed 12% body fat!

Teen Transformation Of The Week - Aziz Sergeyevich!

During high school, Aziz was always considered the skinny, weak kid. So he vowed that after he graduated, he would get serious and put on some serious mass. Read on to learn how he packed on 50 pounds of solid muscle!

Bodybuilding.com 12 Week Transformation Challenge!

Bodybuilding.com and award-winning supplement company Optimum Nutrition are teaming up to give you 100,000 reasons to transform your body. We are giving away $100,000 in cash and prizes to the winners of our $100,000 Transformation Challenge!

What Is The Best 12-week Fat Loss Transformation Workout For Women?

What is the best 12-week fat loss transformation workout for women? It's a good time frame to set short-term fitness goals. Blast the fat and feel better by trying the following training programs and tips. Good luck!

12 Week Transformation Supplement Review!

What is the best supplement stack for a successful transformation? Here I will outline the use and benefits of supplements that I believe are essential for 12 week transformation success.

Your 12-Week Transformation Guide: Tips From The Top - (Section 6)

In compiling my research for this feature I also figured it could use the input of a larger number of respected professionals from within the bodybuilding and fitness industry offering their additional pearls of wisdom.

Female Transformation Of The Week - Michelle Bishop.

Michelle has made an amazing transformation by taking her body weight from 170 pounds down to 135 pounds. She was also known as 'Bubble Butt' in high school but has since then become a successful figure competitor. Check it out!

Female Transformation Of The Week - Kara Finer.

Kara started struggling with herself when she lost the love of her life. At this point she shot up to 155 pounds at only 5-foot-3. Check out this dramatic recovery as she goes on to compete in fitness after losing more than 40 pounds!

Female Transformation Of The Week - Jaime Filer.

Jamie has been through a lot because everyone thinks she has an eating disorder. The truth is she has reactive hypoglycemia which, in itself is a heavy burden to carry. See how she has progressed and gained 20 pounds of muscle.

Female Transformation Of The Week - Michele D'Angona!

Michele's fire was first lit when she looked at her physique and realized she wanted to be more than just 'average.' She set her sights on competition and got started on the journey of a lifetime. Read on to learn how she shed 15% body fat!

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