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7 Outstanding Meal-Prep Recipes

Meal prep recipes vary based on fitness goals and food preferences, but if you're looking for solutions that take you from morning to night, you can't beat these breakfast, lunch, and dinner basics.

How Top Athletes Meal Prep For Success

If yet another Sunday spent meal-prepping feels like a drag, take some inspiration from these athletes who've used their meal-prepping commitment as a stepping stone to success.

Use The Microwave For These Meal-Prep Staples Now!

Think the microwave is only good for irradiating Hot Pockets? Please! It's a straight-up all-star at making some of the transformation foods you're already eating, but with fewer dishes and less prep! Here are three must-zaps to try right away.

Why To Meal Prep, And Where To Start

Ready to kill your next fitness goal? The answer may not be in the gym, but in the kitchen. Meal prepping can set you up for success. Here's how to do it!

Meal Prep Hacks: 5 Healthy Recipes That Make Meal Prep Easy!

Make weekly meal prep fast, easy, and fun with these five delicious recipes that offer new takes on your favorite fit-food staples!

Your Complete Guide To The Best Meal-Prep Containers

Confused about what to do with all that fit food you just made? Your meal-prep storage-related woes end here!

5 Must-Read Rules Of Successful Meal Prep

Meal prep doesn't have to be something you dread. Rather than making last minute grocery trips and guessing about the numbers, follow these 5 simple rules of successful meal prep!

4 Quick Ways To Make Each Prepped Meal Unique

Meal prep shouldn't mean eating the same meal over and over again. Keep your taste buds happy with these simple (and variable) meal-prep tips.

4 Protein-Rich Recipes That Are Amazingly Delicious

Make meal prep easy and sink your teeth into these meaty recipes that will delight your tongue while building your muscles.

The Ultimate Guide to Building Muscle

It's time to stop randomly piecing together workouts and meal plans from dozens of different sources. Start your summer prep with a rock-solid plan and all the tools you need to bring it to life!

The SBTZ Turkey Skillet

Stuck in a cycle of boring meal prep? Add some variety to your diet with the SBTZ turkey skillet! It's strong, bold, tasty, zesty, and guaranteed to help you grow!

Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things For June 2017

Shake up your hydration, spice up your meal prep, swing upside down, and "like" something you already love. We've got everything you didn't know your fit life needed!

Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things For May 2017

Streamline your meal prep, add some green to your fashion scene, and continue your quest to master your workout. We've got it all for you in bite-size nuggets you can absorb fast!

Healthy Grilled Salmon With Sweet Or Smoky Glaze!

Nothing says good, clean gains like grilled wild salmon. Soak up the rest of summer and take your meal prep outside with this FitMenCook-approved recipe!

Gluten-Free Savory Whey Protein Crepes

Crepes are the fanciest pancakes of all. Even better, they're versatile and easy to use for meal prep. Here's how to serve up a stack of your very own.

#FreakMode: Alex Savva's 12-Week Fitness Plan - Week 1, Day 7

Prep your meals for the upcoming week today, so you're never unprepared.

#FreakMode: Alex Savva's 12-Week Fitness Plan - Week 9, Day 63

After a full week of HIIT-style weight training, you’re probably wiped. Take today to prep your meals. If you’re up for it, take a light stroll.

Duel: Marc Megna's 6-Week Partner-Based Fitness Plan Week 5, Day 35

Two days of rest in a row might leave you feeling anxious to get back to the gym, but remember that downtime is an important part of the process. Use today to prep your meals and fuel up for the final week!

Healthy Recipes: 7 Delicious High-Protein Meals

There's more to life than chicken and rice, and decadent meals shouldn't just fall on a cheat day. Prep healthy food that tastes great with these delicious recipes!

Body Transformation: Rachel Flint Wins 2012 Hyper Shred Challenge!

Captain Flint’s deadline-driven personality translated perfectly to meal prep and morning workouts. Now this Air National Guard veteran can lay claim to the BSN Hyper Shred throne!

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