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Beginner Powerlifting Program: Build Your Base!

Even the most hardcore training methods work better when you have a base of strength and muscle behind them. This is the program powerlifting beginners need to start getting stronger today!

Prepping For Your First Powerlifting Meet

Looking for a strategy you can use for the days leading up to your first meet? Or maybe you've been following a plan and want to try something new. Josh Bryant's been there many times and can show you the ropes.

6 Steps To Succeed At Your First Powerlifting Meet!

More people than ever are throwing themselves into the challenge of competitive powerlifting. Here's what you need to know to minimize the stress and maximize the success!

7 Keys To Competitive Powerlifting Success

How deep do you need to squat? Can you use a monolift? When is it okay to jump commands? And should you pack your straps? There's a lot more to powerlifting than just pulling the weight off the floor.

Eat Strong: Build Your Best Powerlifting Diet

Gone is the myth that you have to stuff your face with junk in order to crush big weights. Learn how to build the best powerlifting meal plan for your sport and your goals.

Women's Powerlifting: How to Get Started

Getting strong doesn't happen by accident! You need to make the right choices and then put in lots of time under the bar. Here's how aspiring powerlifting women can build their base of strength and then find the right meet to show it off!

2020 Paralympic Powerlifting Competition

Records were set and incredible athletes performed on the world stage.

Meet The Powerlifting Grandma, And Train Like Her!

The weight room's newest superhero doesn't wear a cape, or even a stringer tank. It's Meg Squats starring as the powerlifting grandma, who's blowing minds and burying stereotypes one heavy rep at a time!

The Essential Women's Powerlifting Gear

You don't need much to get strong: just a barbell and some weights. But if you're getting serious or eyeing a competition, a few pieces of strategic equipment become essentials! Here's what to pack in your gym back.

Is Powerlifting OK for Beginning Lifters?

We asked Megan Gallagher, aka Meg Squats, if powerlifting is suitable for beginners and how to know when you're ready for a meet.

The Brute Strength Showdown: Bodybuilding Versus CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, And Powerlifting

Watch Bodybuilding.com athlete Lawrence Ballenger go head-to-head against elite strength athletes in this unique and hilarious gauntlet of strength and athleticism!

Unconditional: Larry "Wheels" Williams Crushes Powerlifting And Bodybuilding 

The first set of weights Larry Williams owned was a broomstick and two concrete blocks. Now, he's set his second powerlifting world record and swept his first bodybuilding competition in the same three months.

Off-Season Powerlifting Training 101

When the season hits, you're going to be lifting hot and heavy. Use those off months to take a neuromuscular holiday while still building a massive foundation for the contests to come.

What Is The Best Powerlifting Workout?

What is the best powerlifting workout? Find out what other people from the message boards think...

Official Live Streaming Sponsor Of USA Powerlifting

Join us as we stream USAPL events live from across the world. Be here for all the beastly benching, sick squats, and daring deadlifts you can handle!

Build Your Strength Foundation: 12 Exercises For Powerlifting Beginners

Lots of guys want to be big and lift big weight. But you can't expect to go from 12-ounce curls to a 500-pound squat in one day. Here are some strength-building basics you need to know!

Bodybuilding Vs. Powerlifting!

There are a lot of myths surrounding the sports of bodybuilding and powerlifting. I've decided to shed some light on these two sports here at animalpak.com. If you're new to the iron game and can't decide which to pursue, this article should help.

Powerlifting Meet Preparation!

Meet preparation is everything prior to a power lifting meet just like it is before a bodybuilding meet...

PowerBuilding: Powerlifting And Bodybuilding!

You want a balanced physique, lean muscle mass AND the power. The best of both worlds... now you can have it!

How Do I Get Started In Powerlifting?

Powerlifting training is a great way to build strength and physical power and add slabs of thick muscle to your physique. To get an idea about performing in powerlifting I have put together some useful information including judging the three main lifts.

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