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8 Ways To Maximize Your Post-Workout Recovery

Think you get results from working yourself to death in the gym? It's time to focus your efforts on what you do outside of it.

The 3 Best Supplements To Speed Your Recovery

Training hard in the gym can lead to bigger, stronger muscles, but can also leave you feeling wrecked. With the right supplementation, you can minimize soreness, move ahead to your next workout, and maybe even burn a little extra fat!

How Polyphenols Can Help You Burn Fat And Enhance Recovery

Polyphenols have been linked to everything from weight loss to heart health, exercise performance to recovery—but what is the best way to supplement your routine?

Sore No More: 3 Proven Muscle-Recovery Tips

A hard workout has you a little sore—or a lot! It doesn't have to stop you in your tracks, though. Use these tips to recover faster and stay on track.

4 Spices That Enhance Your Workout Recovery!

Improve your recovery after a workout with these 4 spices!

The Science of Muscle Recovery: The Role of Active Recovery

Here's the ultimate guide to active recovery: what it is, why you need it, how to put together a program, and even some sample workouts.

The Science of Muscle Recovery: How Long Should You Rest Between Workouts?

It's not how hard you train, but what you can recover from. Monitoring your recovery from workouts takes a global view of training stress.

Can Heat or Cold Therapy Supercharge Your Workout Recovery?

Heat and cold therapies are all the rage for recovery. But which should you use, and when? Here's what the science says.

4 Ways to Reduce Your Recovery Time

Follow these recovery-speeding habits and gain a huge advantage in your training.

4 Extraordinary Post-Workout Recovery Shakes

These out-of-the-box and out-of-this-world Pro JYM and Post JYM delicacies will ensure a full recovery after your most grueling training sessions. They'll put a smile on your face, too!

7 Rules For Lightning-Fast Recovery

Don't let today's tough workout ruin tomorrow's fun. With these tips, you'll beat soreness and fatigue in record time so you can work hard and play harder!

6 Best Under-The-Radar Tips To Boost Your Recovery

If your post-leg-day recovery protocol is simply downing a protein shake and saying a prayer, you're probably sorer than you need to be! Learn how to recover faster and get back in the gym sooner.

Active Recovery: The Secret To Maximizing Your Training!

Active recovery will assist you in taking maximum advantage and prepare you mentally for your next strenuous workout. Learn what this type of recovery is and how it can help you recover faster with more favorable results.

Vitamins And Minerals For Recovery And Repair

Recovery and repair of tissues require a host of vitamins and minerals that participate in synthesis of new cells... Here is a list of those that have been shown to help. Read on to learn more...

Therapeutic Methods To Boost Recovery!

Learn how massages, saunas, and stretching can be used to enhance recovery abilities!

Rest & Recovery: The Overlooked Aspect Of Training Success Part 1!

When you consider that most people spend only 4-10 hours a week working out, you can see that the vast majority of our time is spent in the rest and recovery phase. Several factors effect recovery rate. Find out what they are and how they can help you!

Recovery 101 - Creating The Ultimate Physique.

Recovery; there is more to it than just training frequency and sleeping. I am going to give you the low-down on the different forms of recovery and some myths about it. Learn more right here!

Pushin’ Iron For The Gridiron: Part 1 - Recovery And Hypertrophy.

Our boy Kris Aiken outlines the program that took him from a 160-pound Cornerback to a 195-pound, bone-crunching DB with pro potential. If you're a ball player looking for a serious, no-nonsense program to take you to the top, look no further.

Nitrogen Balance, Hormone Manipulation And Recovery: Critical Factors In Bodybuilding!

This article will be different than many training articles you see in the magazines and on the internet. Today I'll cover aspects like hormone manipulation, the importance of a positive nitrogen balance, and proper recovery. Get this and more!

Recovery Times For Anaerobic Running!

Coach Tuten explains how and why you should monitor your recovery time between sprints during anaerobic conditioning.

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