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What Every Bodybuilder Needs To Know About Running

Kris Gethin has fundamentally changed his approach to cardio in recent months, but if you think he's lost his gains as well, you're sorely mistaken. Here's what he says every lifter should learn!

Hit The Ground Running: Get Ripped With HIIT

Slow, boring, steady-state cardio doesn't cut it! Transform your workout and take cardio sessions from the track to the pool with this customizable program!

How To Breathe When Working Out And Running!

Constantly feeling winded during workouts? Here are the best ways to breathe so you can lift more, run faster, and improve your overall fitness.

4 Bad Running Habits And How To Fix Them

If you're starting to get into running for the first time, take heed. You might think it's as simple as placing one foot in front of the other, but it's not. Nix bad running habits before you rack up the miles with these tips.

Expand Your Cardio Horizons With Trail Running

Sick of cardio machines? Hit the trails to liven up your cardio workouts with fresh air and a challenging change of pace.

Reduce Running Injuries With This Simple Trick

For many lifters, cardio is a necessary evil. Make even short bursts of running safer with this research-backed change to the way your feet hit the treadmill.

Creating A Plan To Improve Your Running!

While you may be the best thrower, catcher, passer, or tackler out there, if you can't run very well then you may not be at your peak. I've listed some different types of running along with descriptions to help anyone wanting to improve their endurance.

Base Running Tips & Drills For Softball.

Check out these awesome baserunning tips and drills for softball players. Practice drills and real lift game situations included!

Backward Logic: Learn How To Use Backwards Running To Prevent Injuries, Break Plateaus & Make New Gains!

The site recently published several articles on leg development. Let me enlighten you on a technique that I've used in the past and haven't seen mentioned in many years - backward running and walking.

Military Bodybuilder Of The Month: Back In The Running!

When depression tamped down on Brittany's spirits after a fateful battalion run, she used fitness to organize her emotions. She's come back better than ever and is now eyeing a pro card!

Recovery Times For Anaerobic Running!

Coach Tuten explains how and why you should monitor your recovery time between sprints during anaerobic conditioning.

Tips & Drills For Running Backs!

Check out these great, easy to follow tips and drills for running backs. Learn how to crush your competition!

Quad Almighty: The Leg Pre-Exhaust From Hell

Tired of running through the same leg-day routine? Flip the script with this leg pre-exhaust workout for the biggest quadriceps pump of your life!

Kendall's Kitchen: Garlic And Herb Shrimp

This delicious shrimp recipe is big on protein, flavor, and bang! Bring it with you to a summer barbeque or potluck and watch everyone come running.

3 Delicious Healthy Marinade Recipes!

Eating clean sounds easy enough—until dry meat has you running to slather on the sauce, that is! Add flavor to your dishes—without tacking on extra sugar, fat, and calories—with these macro-friendly recipes.

Adrianne Gave Herself The Gift Of Fitness

On the path to 200 pounds, Adrianne decided to lose weight and get healthy. Walking led to jogging, which led to running. Now, she trains for marathons.

Podcast Episode 66: Laura Phelps - ''If you let me lift, I will break a world record''

A true legend in powerlifting and a pioneer in women's strength, Laura Phelps discusses how training to improve her physique accidently led her to discover her true passion: powerlifting. Gymnastics and marathon running had made her flexible and focused, but it was an unwavering confidence in her own abilities and heartfelt promise to a promoter that led Phelps to shatter world records right from the start. Strength, determination, and an abandoned department store all played a role in helping this one-time bodybuilder rise to the top of women's powerlifting.

Yoga for Runners

Runners have a unique set of aches and pains that come with the constant pounding of the pavement. Our yoga expert and Team Bodybuilding.com member Karla Tafra is here to guide you to relief and running PRs!

BodySpace Member Of The Month: Triathlete Turned Lifter

After years of being told she would never accomplish anything, BodySpace member Sara James found strength and redemption through running marathons, lifting weights, and developing a healthy support system.

Trina Asselin Traded Parties For Exercise And Lost 80 Pounds!

Trina was a partier, binge drinking and overeating her way into depression. When a doctor prescribed medication instead of a lifestyle change, she put on her running shoes and changed her life.

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