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Robert Oberst's Rep-Crazy Strongman Workout

The "World's Strongest Man" contender Robert Oberst has dropped 80 pounds and is getting himself ready to crush the competition in 2018. Here's his upper-body workout, and his story.

The 2017 Arnold Classic Strongman Preview: Athletes To Watch

Zydrunas Savickas takes on The Mountain from "Game of Thrones," women confront the stone, and disabled athletes get their chance to shine at the biggest strength-sport event on the planet.

Ask The Super Strong Guy: Where Do I Start With Strongman Training?

There's nothing fancy about strongman training. It builds strength and power one step at a time. And it can help just about anyone get stronger, bigger, leaner, and meaner. Here's where to start.

Hypertrophy Training for the Off-Season Strongman

Time to step away from the Atlas stones and car pulls. Pro strongman competitor and Team Bodybuilding.com athlete Anthony Fuhrman makes the case for fitting volume training into your long-term program.

Find Your Strength: Strongman Training In Your Average Gym

Strongman competitors are the stuff of legend, but you don't have to move to Iceland or Poland to become one. Here's your guide to building Strongman-caliber strength in any gym.

Ask The Super Strong Guy: What's Your Favorite Strongman Move?

Pro powerlifter Mark Bell answers your questions about his favorite strongman moves.

Complete Guide To Competitive Strongman

The sport of Strongman is getting more popular around the world. And for good reason! Here's everything you need to know about the sport and how to get involved.

Colton Leonard's Holiday Strongman Program!

Don't let holidays sap your strength. Use strongman Colton Leonard's training program and tips to build some serious winter strength!

Strong In 7: 7 Strongman Lifts For The Non-strongman

You don't need to be a strongman competitor to use the lifts! These 7 gym-friendly strongman moves and their variations can help you achieve your strength, fitness, or physique goals!

Strongman Workout Programs!

When it comes to strongman competitions, every competitor has events that he/she is stronger at or weaker at. Learn what to do to bring your lagging body parts up to size.

Strongman For Fat Loss

Train like a beast and look like a model with this six-week plan.

Choose Your Implement: Strongman Training For Sports

It's easy to get caught up in sport-specific training, but sometimes athletes can benefit from a little time training under the rubric of another sport. Meet strongman, your key to increased power, endurance, and muscular control!

What Is The Best Strongman Workout?

What is the best strongman workout? Our forum members share combined training workouts, tips, exercises, and more on what they think is the best training for strongmen! Learn more right here!

Eating For Strongman Competitors.

Your performance at your next show is not only dependent upon your training but also on your nutrition. Most strongmen eat about whatever they want year round, but close to the show most clean it up.

Preparing For Strongman Competitions - My Workout!

After reading the article on my last competition (Alki Beach/Washington State) I decided to put my workout program up for you to read and go over.

2011 Bodybuilding.com Fitness Expo Strongman Exhibition!

Straight from the depths of power come champions & amateurs alike to test their power at the 2011 BFE Strongman Exhibition, brought to you by Animalpak.com. Don't miss this show of strength when Shaw and others bring it all!

Video Article: Brian Shaw's Top 5 Strongman Exercises YOU Can Do In The Gym!

Strongman training is functional as well intense. It tests your focus, determination and your manhood. Check out the top 5 events to take your training to another level.

Strength Coach Mark Philippi Explains Benefits Of Strongman Training!

Mark is an outstanding strength coach and has trained many athletes. Find out more about the great benefits of strongman training from this interview.

Training For Strongman Events: Part Three!

In the weightroom, lifts that can help you include the Olympic lifts and their derivatives. The Snatch and Clean And Jerk help with the crucial extension of the lower body.

Bryan Neese's Pre-Competition Strongman Training Routine!

This is the routine I have been using for my pre-season training. This program is designed to build overall strength and mass! Learn the exact program that I used in route to winning the IFSA US Championship in 1999!

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