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We Ask The Pros: What's Your Favorite Superset?

Who doesn't want to do more work in less time, elevate their heart rate, and experience a big-time pump? These supersets from elite athletes can help you accomplish all three.

Superset Leg Training With The Buff Dudes? Yeah!

This lower-body burner starts in the squat rack, then puts you down on your back on the floor, in a good way, of course. Enjoy some old-school superset training, Buff Dudes style!

Mike Hildebrandt's Superset Arm Workout

Mike Hildebrandt's superset combos will blow up your arms fast! By working biceps while you rest the triceps, you'll maximize workout efficiency and get a major pump going.

Strong-Arm Tactics: James Grage's Superset Arms Workout

Strong arms aren't built with fancy techniques. They're built with hard work and intense training. Try this video workout and see for yourself!

Brian Casad's Arm-Building Superset Workout!

Looking to add baseball size to your biceps and thicken your triceps? Fitness model Brian Casad is here to show you how to build muscle and stamina in this killer video workout!

Kris Gethin's Full-Body Superset Thrasher Workout!

Whip your entire body into shape with this workout that supersets your major muscle groups so you can get in and out of the gym with time to spare.

Pro-Level Legs: Eleonora Dobrinina's Superset Leg Bash

To compete in the WBFF, Eleonora Dobrinina has to sport strong legs that showcase incredible shape and definition. Try her superset workout to build your own stage-worthy lower body!

Scott Mathison's Full-Body Superset Workout

Crunched for time? Performix athlete Scott Mathison shows how to hit every major muscle group in this stepped-up, full-body workout.

Powerful Back And Chest Superset Routine!

If you are looking to build a powerful V-shape back and an enormous chest, then this is a great routine for you! Read more!

Torch Your Arms With This Super Superset Finisher!

Combine skullcrushers and curls in a 5-part, high-intensity superset to blow up your biceps and triceps!

Antagonistic Superset Workout: Up For The Challenge?

Supersetting is an extremely effective workout style where you perform two exercises back to back with no rest. Discover what the antagonistic superset workout is and how effective it can be.

Superset Your Home Workouts!

Stay tight and keep your hard earned physique pulled together using my at home Super Set workout.

Superset Delt Shocker!

I have found a superset technique that shocked my delts immensely after a long frustrating plateau. The side delts have always been my my favorite to watch grow! I found that you can kill them with a superset of dumbell presses...

Strong-Arm Tactics: James Grage's Superset Arms Workout

Strong arms aren't built with fancy techniques. They're built with hard work and intense training. Try this video workout and see for yourself!

Monster Superset For Back

You just crushed the bulk of your back workout, but you need something special to finish it off. Superset these two back exercises for a monster pump!

Chest By Casad: Superset Chest Workout

Build breastplate pecs with this intense superset-based chest workout. You'll combine heavy weight and high reps for max growth.

Double Your Arm Firepower With Superset Training!

You know that someone made an impact on the field of their choice when people are studying your training methods and thought processes over three decades after you were active. Arnold Schwarzenegger is someone who obviously did just that.

Jake Wilson's Project Mass: Superset Training

Supersets are a very simple but incredibly effective training technique. You'll use them frequently in Project Mass, so check out this primer before putting the technique into practice!

Shrink Your Workout, Grow Your Chest And Back

Supersize your upper-body training with this efficient superset workout!

Steve Cook Smashes Arms And Shoulders

Big is good, but big and strong is even better. Build a set of seriously strong shoulders and arms with this superset-based video workout from Steve Cook!

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