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Get Bear-Wrasslin' Strong With This Upper-Body Bodyweight Workout

Jailhouse Strong brings you this bodyweight-only workout for upper-body strength and explosive power. With a few small changes to some common bodyweight moves, this workout will burn you down as it builds you up.

No Equipment? No Problem! Get Jailhouse Jacked With Bodyweight Training

These five 'prison' exercises form a never-before-published, highly-effective bodyweight training routine that'll show you how to get swole in a "weight-less" environment.

The Best Bodyweight Exercises You're Not Doing (But Should Be)

Want strength AND functionality? Try adding these moves to your program; they're tougher than you might think!

Mix Weights And Body Weight To Build Maximum Muscle!

Get ready to leave it all out there. By precisely combining heavy strength work with scorching high-rep bodyweight challenge sets, you can inflict maximum muscle fatigue without making your joints raise the white flag!

Anthony Boon Cut His Body Weight In Half!

Englishman Anthony Boon skyrocketed to 308 pounds after an injury sidelined him from athletics, but now he's shed almost half of his body weight, and is back with a vengeance.

Scott Mathison's 1-to-10 Bodyweight Challenge

Fitness model and actor Scott Mathison shows us how to beat the machine-cardio blues with this quick and heart-pounding challenge!

Fitness-Model Bodyweight Workouts!

Don't have time to hit the gym, or want to change up your training? Follow fitness model Jen Jewell's tips for better bodyweight training sessions, and try her favorite workouts!

Kettlebells And Bodyweight: The Perfect Pairing!

Instantly fix what's wrong with your kettlebell swing with one simple drill. Then put it to work in a routine that will build strength, burn fat, and boost your athleticism all at once!

In Pursuit Of Bodyweight Perfection

Are your numbers on the classic bodyweight movements puffed up with some subpar reps? Here are the techniques standards you should be meeting to earn the respect of the masters!

Beginning Bodyweight Strength Training For Women

Bodyweight training just might be the answer you've been looking for! It's a great way for anyone to build strength, and you can start where you're at right now. This is where it all begins!

Scott Mathison's 240-Rep Bodyweight Challenge

Meet your next challenge. Knock out 15 or 30 reps on some bodyweight classics, and get ready to sweat. This is a test of your strength and fitness, and a great full-body workout to keep around.

Bodyweight Blast: 3 Rules For Building Strength Without Weights!

Looking for a new way to maximize your strength and mobility at the same time? Drop the weights and use what God gave you. It’s harder than you think!

Body Double: Bodyweight Alternatives To Strength Training Classics

Looking to for a new challenge to put in your program? Take a break from the iron and test yourself with bodyweight counterparts. It's time to pull up or shut up!

5 For A 6-Pack: The 5 Best Bodyweight Ab Moves!

Don't just work for abs that look strong. Set your sights on a bodyweight strength goal like a front lever or dragon flags, and build abs as strong as they look!

Why Bodyweight Training? My Top 5 Reasons For Practicing Calisthenics

Why train with bodyweight? Al Kavadlo explains the top 5 reasons why calisthenics may be the perfect workout for you.

Bodyweight Exercises For Size & Strength!

I get a ton of emails every week regarding bodyweight exercises. People want to know what are the best bodyweight drills for size and strength.

Bodyweight Bonus: 5 Show-Off Moves With Practical Benefits

Calisthenic training doesn't end with push-ups, pull-ups, and pistols. Advanced practitioners pack the Internet with showy moves that boggle the mind and set the bar ever higher. Here are 5 visual feats you should consider putting in your sights!

New Ways To Build Bodyweight Strength!

Bodyweight training has its own set of rules when it comes to things like progressions, 1RMs, reps, and rest. Learn the ropes from the man who teaches bodyweight mastery worldwide!

Ask Al: 4 Burning Bodyweight Questions Answered!

Feeling daunted by human flags, toes-to-bar, and strict muscle-ups? You're not alone. Al Kavadlo has seen it all and can help you troubleshoot your bodyweight work.

Ask Al: 4 Solutions To Advanced Bodyweight Dilemmas

Advanced bodyweight training can seem like a world unto itself. Luckily, you have Al Kavadlo as your guide! Try these solutions to common hurdles in the pistol squat, hanging leg raise, and pull-ups.

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