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The 4 Best Calisthenics Exercises To Build Jacked Legs

Yes, you can earn strong, seriously built legs with nothing more than your body. Here are the essential moves to know, and how to program them!

Ashley Horner's Leg Workout Is The Cure For The Winter Blues

When the world outside is frozen, you need to generate your own warmth. Do it with this straight-up burner of a lower-body workout from Ashley Horner!

How The Rock Starts His Leg Day

Want to lift like The Rock? Here's what you need to do.

Your Guide to Building Next-Level Legs

Build bigger wheels. Move bigger weights. And remind yourself what leg day is supposed to feel like (Spoiler alert: It's brutal).

The 6 Best Leg Exercises You're Not Doing

Bored by the same ol' leg-day routine? Here are 6 new exercise variations that will make it difficult to walk all over again.

Where Should I Place My Feet On The Leg Press?

You may not realize it, but where you place your feet on the leg-press sled can impact which muscles get trained the hardest. Learn more, and try each variation today!

Your New Goal: Shredded Legs For Summer

To see those cuts on the beach, your nutrition and cardio game will need to be on point. But a leg workout that maximizes the volume and pump is also essential for making the definition in your quads and hammies pop. Here's your routine!

Build Massive Legs Without Barbell Squats!

Think you need the king of barbell lifts in order to rock a leg day that brings you to your knees? Not today. But strength coach Josh Bryant will still push you to the edge with this 5-move gauntlet!

Build Size And Definition With This Hard And Heavy Leg Workout

This rock-solid leg workout from Mike Hildebrandt is designed to add size, strength, and definition to each and every muscle in your lower body. Embrace the challenge!

The 6 Biggest Leg-Press Mistakes Solved!

Don't think you can't mess up your form on machines. Here are some important reminders of what can go wrong.

Jenna Webb's Supersets For Killer Legs And Butt

Try fitness model Jenna Webb's 4 kick-ass supersets for more shapely thighs and glutes.

The 4 Best Leg-Builders You've Been Skipping

You do squats, leg presses, extensions, and a few leg curls, but skipping these other four moves might be the reason you're not satisfied with your leg progress!

The Leg Workout You'll Feel Till Next Week!

Get your foam rollers and book your massage appointment, because you're gonna need all the help you can get to recover from this punishing leg workout!

Leg Slayer: Rich Gaspari's Transformational Leg Day

Rich Gaspari took the challenge and transformed at age 48. Here's the leg workout that helped him rediscover his legendary size and conditioning!

6 Insider Tips For Building Your Ultimate Legs

Leg day is bad enough. But plateauing on leg day? That's the pits. Here are some fun new ways to beat up on your legs for more gain and more pain.

Why Shallow Squats Are Robbing Your Legs Of Growth

Build more muscle by lowering the weight and getting your thighs closer to parallel.

4 Must-Try Machine Hacks For Leg Day

Jump-start your leg day and build more muscle with these unique takes on machine exercises from Cellucor athletes Jen Jewell and Calum von Moger!

3 Single-Leg Squats You Need To Know

Think endless air squats and lunges or brutally difficult pistols are your only choices to train your lower body without weight? Think again! Here are 3 movements that should be in every woman's toolbox!

Shattered Legs And A Fractured Spine Couldn't Stop David!

After a motorcycle accident, David Mendoza found himself stuck in a hospital bed for months. His famously positive attitude and competitive nature eventually got him back on his feet!

The Perfect Lower-Body Leg-Day Warmup

If you're skipping your warmup on leg day, you're limiting your potential and increasing your risk of injury. Get your body prepared for bigger, safer lifts!

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