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The Squat Tips Your Quads Are Terrified Of

Build legs that tell the world "I squat!" with these simple tweaks. No machines necessary!

Don't Do High-Rep Squats, Deads, And Bench! Do These Instead

To build strength and size, you need both low reps and epic burnouts. But not all moves lend themselves to both approaches! Rather than risking life and limb under the bar, use these smart approaches!

7 Different Ways To Squat

Change up your workout and get totally toned legs with these powerful squat variations!

The History of the Squat

The so-called king of exercises has a long and fascinating history reaching back into the 1800s, and encompassing some of the biggest names in iron history. Get informed and then get strong!

Cory Gregory's Squat Every Day

Squat Every Day will challenge you, test your resolve, and reveal your character. But if you have what it takes to squat daily, you'll gain strength, build muscle, and become a better lifter. This is for the hardcore.

Podcast Episode 19: How to Earn Your Best-Ever Back Squat

In this info-packed episode, strength coach and doctor of physical therapy John Rusin, Ph.D., gives his step-by-step guide to earning your right to kneel before the throne of the so-called King of Lifts. Do these squat variations in this order, and do your back squat this way, and you'll never regret it!

Your Biggest Squat Complaints (and Excuses) Solved

Pain during squats making you hate life? Believe it or not, you have options beyond giving up or grinding through. Give these solutions from bodybuilding and strength coach Paul Carter a go, so you can get back under the bar!

Ask the Muscle Doc: Are Squats the Key to Maximizing Hamstring Development?

You've probably heard for years that compound lower-body exercises are all you need to build thick hamstrings. The science says otherwise.

6 Reasons to Train with a Safety Squat Bar

If you've never worked with specialty barbells, you're in for a whole new world of pain and gain. Here are the reasons you need a safety squat bar in your routine, starting now.

3 Ways To Spice Up The Rear-Foot-Elevated Split Squat

You've done them with body weight or a couple of dumbbells. But have you done all of these variations of this classic lower-body strength and muscle-builder? You need these in your leg day arsenal!

Build Shapely Legs With The Squat And Deadlift!

Great glutes and lovely legs can be built by focusing on just two lifts: the squat and the deadlift. Pro fitness model Ashley Hoffmann is here to show you how it's done!

Don't Diss The Goblet Squat Until You've Survived This Workout

The goblet squat can be every bit as hard as any other lower-body move, if you program it right. Use this video protocol to test your lower-body strength, and then take it to a new level!

20-Rep Squats: The Brutal Path To Massive Gains

High rep squats work wonders for building muscular bulk and strength, not just for the legs, but for the entire body. The program is ridiculously simple.

Ask The Ageless Lifter: How Should I Train The Squat?

Is your approach to leg training fending off Father Time, or hastening the end of your lifting life? Here's what every older lifter needs to know about the back squat, and squats in general.

Are Pistol Squats Dangerous?

Is the classic single-leg bodyweight squat worth having in your wheelhouse? Calisthenics expert Al Kavadlo breaks down the pros and cons.

Podcast Episode 45: Getting Uplifted through Lifting with Meg Squats

Join powerlifter, Bodybuilding.com Spokesmodel Search winner, and YouTube fitness stalwart Meg Squats in this wide-ranging conversation.

Squat Every Day: Nutrition And Supplementation Overview

You can't squat daily without high-quality fuel. Learn how to support your strength, fat-loss, or muscle-building goals with solid nutrition and supplementation!

Skyrocket Your Squat PR With Conjugate Training

Squat more than you thought possible, protect your joints, and keep squat day fresh and new with Louis Simmons' time-tested approach to training. The trick is to take many paths to get to the same destination.

Get Uplifted With This Squat Workout From Meg Squats!

Take your body and your training to a new level with this lower-body workout from powerlifter, fitness model, and YouTube star Meg Squats. If you've ever felt the urge to see how strong you can be, this is for you!

Podcast Episode 54: Meg Squats Steps Up to the Platform

On the verge of her fourth go-round in the USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals, Meg Squats talks with us about her prep, how she used her program Uplifted to great effect in the offseason, and what she'd tell herself if she had it all to do over again.

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